Reduce Friction, Increase Conversion

There are two fundamental concepts in online marketing which should guide most decisions. The first is friction. In the context of online marketing, friction is everything that gets in the way of a visitor accomplishing what they want to do on your website. While developing our DonorDB application, we surveyed the competitive landscape and, by … Continued

Tracking YouTube In Stream Advertising in Google Analytics

Over the last couple of months we have experimented with ways to measure Google Adwords advertising in YouTube using Google Analytics. You'd think this would be pretty easy considering the three products are all from the same company. This is most certainly not the case. Paid video campaign ads on YouTube have multiple formats. The … Continued

ASRM 2012: Things To See In San Diego

We love San Diego and are so excited that ASRM is going to be held in our home town this year! We polled around the office and came up with a list of things we typically take visitors to see. We also added a few pro tips from the local perspective. From scenic and breathtaking views … Continued

Introducing The New TD Media Support Site

Dear valued clients, meet our new support website, This site will allow us to provide even better, more responsive support. You can use the help site to: Search or browse through a library of support articles. We will continue to add to this collection over time.  Ask a public question. When you ask a … Continued