Using Video to Build Trust and Reduce Uncertainty With Prospective Fertility Patients

Establishing trust is one of the most important bridges prospective patients need to cross in selecting a physician for fertility treatment. The couple needs to feel that the physician they select has the expertise and understanding to effectively handle their specific set of medical conditions. A well rounded C.V. with good academic credentials and published … Continued

Reduce Friction, Increase Conversion

There are two fundamental concepts in online marketing which should guide most decisions. The first is friction. In the context of online marketing, friction is everything that gets in the way of a visitor accomplishing what they want to do on your website. While developing our DonorDB application, we surveyed the competitive landscape and, by … Continued

Why we don’t sign NDAs

This comes up a couple of times a year so it seems like a post explaining our position on this topic is in order. We don't sign Non-Disclosure Agreements with prospective clients. A legal agreement should confer a benefit to one party in exchange for a benefit given to the other party. I enter into … Continued

WARNING – Do NOT do business with San Diego Computers or San Diego Consultants

UPDATE #1 – Jeff Phillips has declared bankruptcy and closed San Diego Computers. However, he has started a new company called Drive Medics. Same bad guy doing the same bad things. Sigh. Stay away! Another customer who was burned by Jeff Phillips has a second complaint website about Drive Medics:  Update #2 – Looks like Jeff Phillips … Continued