Facebook Business Manager Lock Out: Abuse of Power Or Simple Mistake?

I’m posting this to document our current situation and to reach out to the community in hopes that somebody has an answer.

We’ve used facebook pages since they were first launched. We have actively encouraged all of our clients to set up pages for their businesses and have always followed the guidelines set by Facebook for displaying factual information. I can’t think of any way in which we have even come close to violating the Facebook Pages Terms.

As recently as March 27, 2017 everything with our Business Manager account worked as expected. However, when I tried to login to business.facebook.com on Monday April 3, 2017, I was prompted  to create a new Business Manager account, as if one didn’t already exist. I had an associate, who was an admin for our Business Manager account, try to login and she got the same message.

Thinking this might be some sort of haphazard onboarding mechanism for a new version of the interface, I completed the few steps to set the account up. Once complete, I tried to view the list of pages and advertising accounts only to find both completely empty. We should have a dozen or so pages including ones that we manage for our clients.

I thought maybe I would just reclaim the pages and move on with more important work. I can’t. Even when claiming our own company page:


I’m given a message that I need to be an admin of the page. None of the other employee/admin accounts work to access our business page. I tried to “Message the Business” on our own page to see if we still get those. We don’t. So now we can’t even respond to inquiries directed to our own Facebook business page.

Even stranger, is the page that we created for our Fertility Success Rates website:


This page had around 1,000 followers which we built up over a period of several years. This page seems to be completely removed from Facebook.

All without any warning or explanation.

This makes me think that maybe there is an effort by some third party to discredit our business with Facebook in an effort to prevent us from publishing this annual list of IVF Centers ranked by Live Birth Rate Per Embryo Transfer. As you might imagine, we consistently receive criticism from centers who find themselves on the bottom of the list. On the other hand, fertility patients and top performing clinics universally express gratitude for the enormous amount of work we do to maintain this site.

To date, we have:

  • Filed a bug report with the Facebook Pages team
  • Filed a bug report with the Facebook Advertising team
  • Filed a request for reevaluation for a blocked page
  • Posted a community help question (which suspiciously only has 1 view after three days)
  • Posted a comment to the Business Manager page

All with nothing back from anybody at Facebook.

So I’m stuck. If anybody has an idea of what we can do to escalate this case, please, please post in the comments below, or contact us directly. Thank you!

tldr> Our Business Manager Account has been deleted without warning, explanation or response and we no longer have access to any of our business pages or advertising accounts. Looking for options for resolution.

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