WARNING – Do NOT do business with San Diego Computers or San Diego Consultants

UPDATE #1 – Jeff Phillips has declared bankruptcy and closed San Diego Computers. However, he has started a new company called Drive Medics. Same bad guy doing the same bad things. Sigh. Stay away! Another customer who was burned by Jeff Phillips has a second complaint website about Drive Medics: http://www.drivemedics.org/

Update #2 – Looks like Jeff Phillips has started a website attacking TD Media. He has also posted some bogus reviews on our Yelp page. We don't care about taking it on the chin if it means that people learn the truth about the way he runs his business.

We want to advise everybody we know about the unethical business activities by a company in the San Diego area called San Diego Computers. This company also goes by the name of San Diego Consultants.

We have had such an awful time dealing with them that we created a web site which will document our trouble with them and track the progress of our efforts to file claim against this unethical, dishonest company.

If you are interested please see the following site

Normally we are forgiving of people who make honest mistakes. However the actions of this company go well beyond mistakes and into the area of intentional fraudulent activity. Please beware!!

If you have had a similar experience please contact us immediately to be added to our rapidly growing list

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